Security changes to our Bill Pay Service

July 10, 2013

Miners Bank is upgrading our Bill Pay service in order to enhance your security and protect your financial information. If you are currently a customer of our Bill Pay service, this will change how you login to Bill Pay. Our upgraded security service, which takes effect Tuesday July 16th, will continue to allow you anytime/anywhere access to your financial information and will better protect your sensitive data.  

After the July 16th upgrade, you may notice the picture & phrase that previously appeared when you logged in have been removed.  In addition, you are no longer required to formally register your computer; the new system has technology to recognize if your computer has been used before to access the system.  We are implementing a more secure and behind the scene process to validate your device (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone), username and password.

Occasionally, when you login in, you will experience a new layer of security.  Instead of asking challenge questions, you will be asked to validate your identity by entering a one-time security code during a phone call placed to your phone number on file.  If a phone number is not available, you will be asked to contact customer support.  This enhanced security feature helps safeguard your information.

During these occasions, upon trying to login to our Bill Pay service, you will be presented with a special code.  At the same time, we will call you on one of two telephone numbers that we have on file for you. During the login process, we will show you the numbers we have on file for you so you can select on which phone you want to receive the call.  During this telephone call, you will be asked to enter the special code.  By doing so, you will gain access to our Bill Pay system.  We will also record information about the computer you are using so we don’t have to repeat this extra security measure.

In order for this system to work properly, it is important that we have two telephone numbers through which we can reach you.  It is highly recommended that one of the numbers you provide be a cell-phone in case you are traveling while trying to make a Bill Payment.  If you wish to add or change your phone numbers on our system, please login to your Bill Pay account and select “Administration >> Personal Profile >> Update Your Profile.”  From here, you may change the phone numbers as appropriate.

Please note that, during all phone calls from Miners Bank, we will never ask you for PIN numbers or any other confidential information.  In the case of our Bill Pay service, we will only ask you for the special code we provide for that particular session.  

This change is done in our effort to provide you with the maximum protection possible when accessing your bank accounts.  We appreciate your help in this important matter.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

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