Enhance Protection with Security Tokens

For many computer applications, security is provided with a user ID and password.  This unique combination is used to open "computer doors," giving the owner access to the systems or information required.  The combination of user ID and password can also be assigned specific access to some, but not necessarily all of a system's capabilities.  This gives the business owner the ability to give employees access to portions of their internet banking systems; allowing access to some, but not all, accounts, or giving authority to perform some, but not all, types of financial transactions.

This type of security is deemed sufficient for many types of internet banking.  However, there are some Improve protection with a Security Tokenespecially sensitive situations where another layer of security is appropriate.  Examples of such applications include the creation of wire transfers, or the generation of ACH transactions.  (Direct deposit of debits or credits.)  In order for a business to use such systems, Miners Bank will require the use of "security tokens."  In other less sensitive situations, a business-owner may still enhance their protection with our security tokens.

The security token is a small device that is issued to each employee requiring access to a company's internet banking system.  At each log-in to Cash Manager (internet banking for businesses), the employee will enter a user ID, their short numeric password, and an eight-digit code generated by the token device.  This code, changed every few seconds, ensures entry to Cash Manager is provided to only those users that have the device along with the employee's password, providing a much higher level of security.

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